Portland ME Vehicle Wraps & Graphics


Accelerate your business growth and brand visibility by investing in eye-catching, durable vehicle wraps, graphics, lettering, and magnets. Energy Sign Co offers high-quality commercial car wraps, truck wraps, van wraps, bus wraps, and ad wraps for any other vehicle type, with full-service design, production, and installation of your wrap products.

Our Energy Sign Co commercial vehicle wrap company makes sure your graphics are well planned about your vehicle, goals, and unique marketing message. From designing the perfect menu board for your food truck to converting your semi-trailer into a mobile billboard, our wrap experts understand your business needs and design our wrap products to support them.

We provide the right design and level of coverage, and we make sure the final product looks great by providing professional wrap and graphic installation services. Exciting custom fleet wraps provide outstanding local visibility, provide a professional and cohesive image for all of your corporate vehicles, and promote your message everywhere you are seen.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets


There are many different ways custom vinyl graphics can be incorporated into your vehicle for either business promotion, improving brand recognition, or increasing customer confidence. Not every brand, vehicle, and budget provides the same opportunities for graphic application. Partial wraps, vehicle graphics, cut lettering, or vehicle magnets are all alternatives that work well for businesses with uncomplicated messages or smaller budgets. Whatever your desires, we have the right Energy Sign Co vehicle wrap solution for you!

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you are looking for a head-turning, full-color marketing tool that you can take anywhere, full-color vehicle wraps are the right choice. With seamless application and perfectly aligned designs, we convert your entire vehicle into an attractive and colorful marketing display.

We assist with full wrap planning, design, production, and installation. We understand the importance of highlighting your most important aspects, such as your phone number and business name, and provide recommendations for size, placement, and overall design.

We also provide high-quality, durable marine-grade wrap materials, perfect for wrapping vehicles that operate on or near the water.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps and graphics are specific to a desired area of your vehicle targeted for promotion. You can pick one or multiple panels to accomplish your desired effect. Partial wraps can be applied to doors, bumpers, side panels, hoods, or tailgates, or even the roof of your vehicle, if so desired or required.

Since partial wraps cover entire panels, their application is relatively seamless. However, there may be differences in color and in fading when the wrap is removed as the parts of your vehicle that aren’t covered with the protective wrap material may experience damage or wear at a faster rate.

Vinyl Graphics

Cut vinyl graphics and lettering makes it easy to add a customized or quick message to your vehicle at any time. As individual elements, they are easier to replace and upgrade than full wraps, and are a less expensive alternative for those seeking a quick solution.

Since vinyl graphics are individually applied, they don’t provide any type of protection beyond the image or letters themselves. While this can give you greater flexibility for future design modifications and adjustments, it is best utilized for simple messages such as logos, basic information, and minimal text for best impact.

Vehicle Magnets

Would you prefer a temporary, removable alternative? For those who want complete control over when and where their message is seen, removable and replaceable magnetic vehicle signs are a great choice.

Contractors can often represent different businesses or brands. Custom commercial vehicle magnets allow them to quickly and easily adjust their vehicle branding. Some people simply enjoy the freedom of driving the way that they choose when they aren’t on the clock, without having about it being a reflection on their business. Others live in signage restricted neighborhoods that don’t allow promotional messaging. All of these individuals can benefit from custom vehicle magnets.

Perforated Window Film

There are many ways you can finish your wrap for maximum professionalism. The most popular add-on is custom perforated window film.

Perforated vehicle window film provides privacy to the people or items within, without obstructing the view to the outside. It has the opposite effect for those attempting to look in, who are presented with only your unique marketing message or graphics.

Window film provides the perfect finishing touch for your wrap project, giving you the ultimate in professionalism. Whatever your desires for custom vehicle wraps and graphics, we look forward to assisting you with effective vinyl graphic solutions.

Professionals Wrap For All Vehicle Types


Energy Sign Co assists with producing high-quality, effective commercial vehicle wraps for every vehicle in your fleet.

As full-service Portland wrap professionals, we have the right tools, experience, and resources to custom design, produce, and install your attractive, brand-building wraps and graphics. Whether you are looking to wrap your fleet of delivery trucks, your corporate cards, or have several different vehicle types that you utilize for business purposes, our experts are here to deliver.

We enjoy working on your custom wrap products, and are excited to see how an effective design can transform the impact of your corporate vehicle.

Our vehicle wrap services include: 

We aren’t just a custom wrap and graphic company, we are a complete signage provider, delivering custom indoor signs, outdoor signs, and any other commercial signage your business needs.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet


Fleet vinyl wraps and graphics are more than just promotional for your business and brand. When reflective of your branding, commercial wraps improve your customer confidence, especially for providers who make house calls.

Plumbers, electricians, cable installers, exterminators, landscapers, delivery persons, and other contractors often find it necessary to perform business at the homes of their customers and clients. Branded wraps immediately improve customer perception of your professionalism, and make them feel more comfortable welcoming your representative into their home.

Custom Boat Wraps


As a Florida business, it is hard to get away from the water. Whether you are looking for an attractive custom boat wrap, or would like to get your food truck, trailer, or other oceanside vehicle or vessel wrapped in a durable, marine-grade vinyl, we can help.

Ideal for charters, marinas, boat rental companies, or corporate use, custom boat wraps can make it easy for you to identify members of your fleet, as well as actively advertise your business anywhere your boat can be seen.

We can incorporate your vessel name and registration numbers into your wrap for an attractive, cohesive, and polished finish that is sure to impress. 

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping


Our dedicated, experienced Energy Sign Co vehicle wrap experts assist with all aspects of wrap design, production, and installation.

We assist with smart recommendations regarding messaging, placement, size, and style, and will incorporate your unique branding elements and guidelines when designing the right wrap for you.

We have many different types of vinyl material at our disposal and will select the right type for your specific vehicle type, level of graphics, and intended use. We utilize efficient production methods and techniques to save you money while reducing our environmental impact.

As professional wrap installers, our dedicated installation team is experienced and skilled at proper wrap alignment and placement. Installing vinyl vehicle graphics is incredibly challenging, and attempting to self-install often results in errors, rips, wrinkles, bubbles, or completely ruined film requiring replacement. We make sure these issues are avoided.

If you need updates, changes, or are ready to remove your custom wrap, we can also assist you, as well as with making major or minor repairs as needed.